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Entomological Surveys and Reports - EMS
EMS - surveys and monitoring conducted under the AIF Entomological Monitoring Service establish the ecological health level within the farm paddocks.
Habitat Management Advice and Planning - IEM
IEM - Integrated Ecological Management, an ecologically based farming management system with emphasis on relationships between invertebrates and their environment, improving paddock ecosystems through implementing effective farm management practices.
Interpretation of EMS Reports
Interpretation of EMS Reports - once EMS surveys have been completed there is a requirement for interpretation of the data gained.
Entomological Species Site Reports
Entomological Species Site Reports - habitat assessment and species lists for specific habitat types, useful in environmental assessments and other planning processes.
Environmental Interpretation of Entomological
Species Site Reports
Environmental Interpretation of Entomological Species Site Reports - providing an environmental interpretation of the species site data.
Invertebrate Sample Sorting and Identification
Invertebrate Sample Sorting and/or Identification - AIF offers an invertebrate sample sorting and specimen identification service suitable for use in various fields. e.g. environmental assessments and other planning processes.
Site Assessment Surveys
Site Assessment Surveys - population and species assessments of specific sites for the ecological component of EIAs and other planning processes.
Workshops - ecologically based education programs aimed at delivering specific site information.

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