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Using insects in the classroom has never been easier.

Our specially designed insect kits are low maintenance, low cost and downright easy to keep. Students of all ages will be able to undertake the general maintenance of any insect you choose for the classroom. They will also be able to assist in the gathering of all feeding and housing requirements needed. Of course our care sheets guide you through all the steps on insect keeping, rearing and breeding. Our INSECT KITS are a great introduction to the insect world and are designed to encourage student participation. All our insects are great for HANDS-ON use as there are no biting or smelly factors involved.

Once you have purchased a kit you need not come back to us for any supplies, the care sheet provides information on how to gather or make food, change housing material and all relevant information. But if you do need some back up supplies, we do have them available. Don't forget, from the original kit you will be able to breed hour own and have insects available each year for use in the classroom.

Why Keep Insects in the Classroom
Many students have a poor image of insect in general most likely due to a negative experience or often, misinformation.

Keeping live insects in the classroom brings students closer to a world they would usually ignore or avoid. As our insects are 'friendly' insects that do not attack or stink, students can interact with confidence.

Question and Answer:
Q: Are the insects safe to handle?
A: Yes, all our insects are safe for students of all ages and would encourage them to do so.

Q: Can we breed our own insects?
A: Yes, all our kits come with information on all stages of growth including breeding.

Q: Can we house different kinds of insects together?
A: Best not to, especially if you with to breed, as some insects have different breeding and/or housing requirements.

Q: How long will our beetles live for?
A: Depending on what species you have but in general the rhino beetles will live for 10 weeks. The flower scarabs will live a bit longer, around 12 weeks.

Q: How long does the giant litter bug live for?
A: The longest living litter bug we ever had here at the farm was 9 cm at 9 years of age.

Q: Are there any beetles available during winter?
A: Yes, the Caramel Scarab Beetle is available during early winter.

Q: What happens with a grub kit?
A: The grubs feed on an organic food mix until they are ready to pupate. At this stage the grub makes a dirt cocoon and retreats inside and changes to a pupa. Some week later a beetle will emerge from the dirt cocoon.

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